Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship 2024 For Nigerian Students | Apply Now

Are you a Nigerian student that is finding it difficult to meet the costs of your education? Could the Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship Foundation be the help you’ve been looking for? The Reverend Tony Akinyemi is offering financial help for 2024. This foundation assist promising secondary school students and undergraduate students in Nigeria who show a genuine need for support. Apply now and see how far you can go?

The Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship Foundation inspire and encourage students who are gifted academically but have financial difficulties to achieving their educational goals. By offering scholarships, the foundation make sure that promising young minds have the resources to attain the highest levels of education that is available to them.

  • Level: Undergraduate students and secondary school students.
  • Institution: Government Institution Only.
  • Required GPA: Minimum of 3.50/5.00 for undergraduate students.
  • Academic Performance: Minimum of 65% performance for secondary school students.
  • Levels: Primary 6 to JSS1, JSS1 – SSS2 and 100 to 500 levels.
  • Financial Need : Required
  • Application Deadline : 16th of May 2024.
  • How to Apply: Apply through the official application website.

Who Can Apply For The Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship?

Reverend Tony Akinyemi scholarship are in two main categories, provide for students at different phase of their educational levels:

  1. Secondary Students

As a secondary school student in one of the government secondary schools, you could be eligible for this scholarship. Below is the characteristic you need to possess:

  • Enrolment Status: You must be a registered student in a Junior Secondary School 1 (JSS1) to Senior Secondary School 2 (SSS2). This also involves students that are moving from Primary 6 to JSS1.
  • Academic Performance: You must also meets the required minimum academic performance of 65%.
  • Financial Need: You must show a need for financial assistance to further your education.

     2. Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are also part of it. If you’re pursuing your degree in one of government higher institution, consider this opportunity. The criteria for undergraduate students are:

  • Enrolment Level: All Undergraduate Students that wish to apply for the Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship must be in either of the following levels:
  1. 100-300 level for a four-year courses,
  2. 100-400 level for a five-year courses
  3. 100-500 level for a six-year courses.
  • GPA Requirement: You must possess a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.50 on a scale of 5.00, or 2.50 on a scale of 4.00  and continue maintaining it.
  • Financial Need: The same as the secondary school students, you need to demonstrate that financial help is important for your academic pursuits.

How to Apply For Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship

Follow the step by step guides below on how to apply for the Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship Foundation’s 2024:

  1. Get Your Documents Ready: Make sure you have all important documents that shows your academic achievements and your  financial need.
  2. Access The Application: You can apply by clicking on this link if you are interested.
  3. Submit Before The Application Deadline: All applications must be submitted on or before 16th of May, 2024. All submissions after this deadline will not be accepted.

Application Deadline

Don’t forget that the application process ends on 16th of May 2024. It is of important to apply on time to ensure your application is reviewed.

Why Apply for the Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship?

The Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship Foundation not only provides financial aids to students but also opens doors to many opportunities for the students personal and academic growth. Beneficiaries of this scholarship have a big advantage to succeed in their studies and contribute excellently to the society.

If you are an hardworking student that is facing financial difficulties, the Reverend Tony Akinyemi Scholarship Foundation 2024 might be the solution to unlocking your educational potential. Don’t let financial restriction restrict  you from progressing in your education. Apply for the Reverend Tony Akinyemi scholarship today and take a vital step towards securing a bright and amazing future.


I hope this post about the Reverend Tony Akinyemi scholarship Foundation 2024 has been of help, If you have any questions concerning the Reverend Tony Akinyemi scholarship foundation 2024, feel free to ask using the comments section below as all questions will be well tends to.

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