Full List Of Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics In JAMB

Hello! Welcome to Studynaija. Are you secondary school student contemplating on which best courses you can study without mathematics in jamb Or are you thinking if you can go to the university without maths? Then worry no more, this post contains a comprehensive list of all the Social Science courses, art courses and science courses you can study without having to write mathematics in jamb.

Mathematics involves everything around us, it is a branch of science that deals with the study of abstract structures, shapes and spaces.

You’ll agree with me that mathematics is the most tricky and hated subject in secondary schools because it involves complex calculations. In fact, based on the WAEC’s Statistics, a lot of candidates failed mathematics every year and many students have been waiting at home thinking Mathematics must be included in their JAMB subjects combinations. Sit tight and enjoy this post to the end as we list out the courses you can study without mathematics in Jamb.

Art Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics In JAMB

The following are some of the art courses you can study without mathematics in jamb:

  1. African and Asian Studies
  2. Art (Combined Honors)
  3. Arabic Studies
  4. Arabic Language
  5. Arabic and Islamic Studies
  6. Arabic Language and Literature
  7. Archaeology
  8. Kanuri
  9. Classical Studies
  10. Christian Studies
  11. Christian Religious Studies
  12. Fine Art/ Fine and Applied Arts
  13. Creative Arts
  14. Fine Arts and Design
  15. Creative and Visual Arts
  16. Environmental Studies
  17. Economics
  18. Economics and Development Studies
  19. Visual and Applied Arts
  20. Drama/Dramatic/Performing Arts
  21. Film Arts
  22. Linguistics/Edo
  23. French and International Studies
  24. French and international Relations
  25. English and International Studies
  26. English Language
  27. English Language and Literature
  28. English Language and Communication Studies
  29. English and Literary Studies
  30. Literature in English
  31. English Literature and Language
  32. French
  33. History and Diplomatic Studies
  34. Hausa
  35. History and Strategic studies
  36. History and International Studies
  37. French with German/Russian
  38. International Studies
  39. History
  40. International Studies and Diplomacy
  41. International Relations and Diplomacy
  42. History and Diplomacy
  43. History and International Relations
  44. International and Comparative Politics
  45. History and Archaeology
  46. Igbo
  47. African and Asian Studies
  48. Igbo/Linguistics
  49. Linguistics and African Languages
  50. Islamic Studies
  51. Languages and Linguistics
  52. German
  53. Portuguese
  54. Mass Communication
  55. Music
  56. Philosophy
  57. Philosophy and Religious studies
  58. Performing Arts and Culture
  59. Theatre and Performing Arts
  60. Theatre and Film Studies
  61. Theatre Arts
  62. Performing Arts
  63. Russian
  64. Theatre and Media Arts

Science Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics In JAMB

Below is the list of some science courses you can study without mathematics in Jamb

  1. Anatomy
  2. Biology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Botany
  5. Chemistry
  6. Agriculture
  7. Dentistry
  8. Geography
  9. Geology
  10. Industrial Chemistry
  11. Microbiology
  12. Nursing
  13. Optometry
  14. Pharmacy
  15. Physiology
  16. Radiology
  17. Physiotherapy
  18. Medical Laboratory Science
  19. Medicine and Surgery
  20. Veterinary Medicine
  21. Zoology

Social Science Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics In JAMB

Here is the list of some social science courses you can study without mathematics in jamb

  1. Psychology
  2. Political Science
  3. Public Administration
  4. Sociology
  5. Population Studies
  6. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  7. Library Science
  8. Library and Information Science
  9. Psychology and Human Development
  10. Counseling and Psychology
  11. Political Science and Conflicts Resolution
  12. Sociology and Anthropology
  13. Geography and Regional Planning
  14. Archaeology
  15. Media and Strategic Studies

Frequently Ask Questions FAQs 

Which Courses Is Best For Non Maths Students?

Ans: Some of the courses for non maths students are as follows : Bachelor’s in Anthropology, Bachelor’s in Communications, Bachelor In English, Bachelor In Education,Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts, Bachelor’s in Foreign Language, Bachelor In Management Studies.

What Are The Available Engineering Courses Without Mathematics In Jamb?

Ans: The Engineering courses without mathematics are listed below:

  1. Industrial Engineering
  2. Biomedical Engineering
  3. Agricultural Engineering
  4. Environmental Engineering
  5. Chemical Engineering

Now that you have known the courses you can study without mathematics in Jamb, select your choice of course carefully and forget the belief that without including mathematics in your Jamb subject combination you won’t be eligible for admission into the University.

I hope this article has been helpful! If you have further enquiries on list of courses you can study without mathematics in jamb, please do no hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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